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How the Internet Really Works
120 Pages | size 8" x 10" (ca. 20 x 25 cm)
No Starch Press, San Francisco
ISBN 9781718500297 (hardcover)
ISBN 9781718500303 (ebook)

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Foreign language editions

News from Catnip

2023 Publication of Ukrainian edition

7 March 2023 Publication of Korean edition

February 2023 We have published an online resource complementing the book: the Internet Standards Almanac.

August 2022 We've been selected to feature in Github's Arctic Code Vault! A digital copy of the book will be put on microfilm and archived in Github's Arctic Code Vault, a technology library situated in a decommissioned coal mine in the Artic ice of Svalbard, not far from the Global Seed Vault. — You can also find our book in more than 500 libraries world wide ;)

9 June 2022 Publication of French edition

10 May 2022 Publication of Polish edition

24 November 2021 Publication of German edition

9 June 2021, 7:45pm UTC Meet us at RightsCon 2021. Our session is called "Can you explain how the internet really works?"

12 March 2021 Interview with us about a feminist internet

1 December 2020 Original publication date

30 October 2020, 4pm UTC Comic reading at Privacyweek Vienna/Austria (video recording)


We would like to thank all these wonderful people and institutions:

The authors: Ulrike Uhlig, Mallory Knodel, Niels ten Oever, and Corinne Cath. For ARTICLE 19: Mehwish Ansari, Vidushi Marda, Amelia Andersdotter, Collin Kurre, Sophie Hall. For No Starch Press: Bill Pollock, Barbara Yien, Eric Lawrence, Michele Mangelli, Sally Peyrefitte, Betsy Dietrich, Annie Choi, Matthew Kim, Dapinder Dosanjh. Everyone who provided support and technical insight: Enrico Zini, Sandro Knauss, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Anna Oswald, Christa Vlad, Aline Girard.

And to all those we might have forgotten: Thank you!

Bonus: Exploring the Tor network

In 2018, we've printed a tabloid sized poster containing the book's chapter about the Tor network. This chapter has since evolved, and is different in the book from 2020. In 2021, the Torproject asked us to update the poster. Here it is: You can download «Catnip explains The Tor Network» (2021) and print it yourself.

Catnip, understanding the Tor network, preview