About Catnip

This guide is for people who use technology, which is all of us. It's for those of us who are curious about basic internet infrastructure and how it operates. We've taken these basic concepts and presented them with concise, clear text alongside playful illustrations. The guide answers questions like these:

The chapters are broken down by questions about larger technological concepts such as transport protocols, security and privacy, algorithms and Internet infrastructure governance. The guide progresses from the most fundamental concepts of how the internet works to the more complex concepts, so while each chapter is self-contained, reading from the beginning will ensure that your conceptual construction is built on foundational knowledge.

The guide ends with a chapter on how to shape the internet as an important stakeholder: the user. It is critical to expand participation in internet governance and standards setting to currently underrepresented populations in technology. Furthermore, those who approach the development and use of technology in the public interest have a key role to play in ensuring that the internet, at a structural level, becomes a medium that enables social justice and human rights.

Those of us who developed the concept, text and illustrations for this guide welcome your feedback. We hope to revise the guide in an ongoing way. You can share your copy with others, view the content on the web, make edits, or remix the text and illustrations for your own project. As with all printed curricula, the information contained in the guide is best seen as supplementary to a practice, such as in a workshop or course, or for internet policy practitioners whose work can be strengthened with technical backing, for just two examples. You can also reach out to us with your interest or questions on all of the above!

Exploring the Tor network

We've printed a tabloid containing the book's chapter about the Tor network. You can download ┬źUnderstanding the Tor network┬╗ and print it yourself.

Catnip, understanding the Tor network, preview

Book release

Catnip will be out in 2018. If you want to read the book, subscribe and we'll keep you updated about the publication date.